EMC Networker vProxy VM Backup Issue – Error disabling storage migration

This is one of the major issue with emc networker vproxy backup .The workaround for solving the issue , we have to enable the storage migration from proxy console 

Steps to verify issue:

  1. Log in to vProxy as root
  2. Change to bin directory
    cd  /opt/emc/vproxy/bin
  3. Run below command to load library path:
    source ../unit/vproxy.env
  4. Check if the migration is disabled with ‘vmconfig’ tool:
    ./vmconfig -c info -k "vm-MOREF" -l moref -p Password-for-vCenter -u username-for-vCenter -v vcentername
    NOTE: to get the 'vm-MOREF' go to NMC, click 'show message' and 'Get Full log', here you will see the MOREf similar to 'vm-1311'. For more help- type './vmconfig'
    Example output:
    Connected to session on vCenter 'vc.ad.box' Version '5.5.0 build-2646482, API:5.5', Uuid:F8C1509A-EEFA-47E7-AF4A-87C5804B27E6.
    Searching for virtual machine with MORef "vm-94" ...
    Querying vCenter for definition of virtual machine with MORef of "vm-94" ...
    Found virtual machine "VM1" with MORef "vm-94".
    Name: "VM-dir-101".
    CBT Enabled: true.
    Migration Enabled: false.
  5. If Migration Enabled is ‘false’- proceed with workaround
  6. If Migration enabled is ‘true’- further diagnosis may be needed. In this case, there is no need to apply workaround.

Note – “vm-MOREF”  is the  VM-ID of the virtualmachine shows the error , you will get this from full log option .


Run vmconfig tool with “enable-migration” to manually enable migration

./vmconfig -c info -k "vm-MOREf" -l moref -p **** -u username -v vcentername -c "enable-migration"

./vmconfig -c "enable-migration" -k vm-94 -l moref -p *** -u administrator@vsphere.local -v